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A Quick history of Metaltronix Amps, the M-1000 and Lee Jackson:
Lee Jackson started Metaltronix Amplifiers in 1983 in a music store in Reseda (Harmony Music) that had space in one of its corners so Lee set up shop. Harmony Music was run by a guy named J.T. who was the local guitar builder that went on to work for Gibson as the head of there Custom Guitar department. This was a scary time because nobody was known for making a living building Custom hand built Tube Amplifiers (M-1000). So Lee ran an ad in Guitar Player magazine to see the response and the rest is history. Calls started pouring in from all over the world, it was more then he expected, soon he would be taking over the whole music store and turning it into a company.
Metaltronix was located across the street from the world famous Wolf and Rismiller "Country Club". Metaltronix grew quickly, shipping product internationally and sponsoring local rock shows and radio stations. One of the first products that Lee Jackson produced was the SS-1 Active Stereo Splitter. Lee new that to really get the company off it's feet it would need to be capitalized so he created Perfect Connection Corporation in 1985. Perfect Connection Manufactured the first all tube one rack space preamp both for Guitar and Bass, the GP-1000 and the BP-1000, then he came up with the first 100 watts a side one rack space poweramp designed for guitar, the SP-1000, as well as the Metaltronix M1000, and Metaltronix M1000 Series 2 guitar amps.
In 1987 Lee merged Metaltronix and Perfect Connection into one large factory in Northridge California. There Lee Jackson showed the Blues 59 amplifier for the first time at the winter Namm show. Metaltronix was growing and adding new products each year. Lee came up with a new kind of distortion pedal called the Maniac, which was in production when the company came to a complete halt in 1990 with a try by the investors to take over the company. Things could not be cleared up in court so in 1990 Metaltronix/Perfect Connection was closed.
In 1993 Lee started Lee Jackson Amplifiers, manufacturing amplifiers in beautiful Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Horizon was already there manufacturing guitar and snake cables but they never had run a amplifier manufacturing facility before. It was exciting time because Lee had been working on a new design for a while so he had the chance to show it at the Winter NAMM the XLS-1000. It is the combined knowledge of all the years of his designing in one package. There is no question he loves all of his amplifiers, but the XLS-1000 is definitely his favorite. Because Lee was getting so much mail from players that wanted him to still be modifying Amplifiers, Lee produced the XLA-1000 Series, it is the exact copy of the amplifiers that he hand built for Steve Vai (Eat m And Smile), George Lynch (Under Lock N Key), and Zakk Wylde (No Rest For The Wicked) to name a few. Lee then came up with the XLS combo; what was new about this amplifier was that it has one closed back and one open back speaker. This gives it a sound that other combos of it's size can't compare to.
For a more detailed history: Lee Jackson Amplifier Full History

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